Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am doing awesome

I have been watching what I eat, keeping a daily food and exercise diary. I have been trying to stay within about 100calories of 1200 calories a day. also I have been trying to walk about 3 mile total a day by wearing a pedometer. I have been at it now for about 4 1/2 months and I have lost 40lbs. I am thrilled but have quite a bit more to lose. I really think the main thing is the mindset. If you do not have the right frame of mind you are not going to stick with it.
My fibromyalgia is doing better also probably due to not carrying around so much weight. I did have a flare right after thanksgiving. I think due to the weather change and overdueing it. My mom came down for the holiday on monday and my daughter and her husband on wednesday. we also had my older daughter, her husband and 3 kids(my precious grandbabies, my oldest son and my son in laws sister, grandmother and great grandmother. So we had a whole house full. We had a wonderful time but alot of work. And I lost 1.8lbs thanksgiving week YEAH for me. So pray for me and wish me luck as I try to lose another 60lbs. It sounds like alot but I am trying to break it down into 10lb increments , so that it is not so overwhelming.I will be posting before and during pictures