Friday, December 2, 2011

getting close to maintenance EEEKK

Here is my post from for today. This site has helped me to stay on this weighloss journey.

I love coming here and reading all the posts it really helps to keep me going, you ladies are so encouraging and motivating and even when you are down in the dumps or going through a hard time I know I can't give up because you are counting on me to reach my goals and show you it is possible. It might take me awhile but I will get there. Maintenance here I come..... I hope I am ready.....LOL I will figure it out as i go along just like i have figured out the weight loss journey one step at a time, sometimes only a 1/2 a step, but moving forward is the key no matter how slowly......

I have lost 89 lbs so far and only have 11 more to lose to reach my original goal of 100 lbs. WOW this has been an incredible journey full of many ups and downs. For many years I have said when I lose the weight I will be happy, when I lose the weight I will go hot air balloon riding, when I lose the weight I will be able to take the kids to the waterparks, when I lose the weight feel in the blanks.....LOL. I am happier, but simply losing weight doesnt make us happy. We are still the same people. I did take the kids to the waterpark this summer, 3xs even AWESOME, what an accomplishment. So I guess it is time to plan a hot air balloon trip , me and my hubby. That has been my dream for yrs. I am sure there is a weight limit, but now I dont have to worry about it.YEAH. I now weigh 167.4....WOW I haven't weighed in the 160's in about 10 yrs.

I am scared of maintenance,I have been here before was down to 128 lbs kept the weight off for 4 yrs then got sick with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypothyroid and gained all the weight plus some due to meds, being in pain and not exercising then got depressed and turned to comfort eating. If you have any tips for maintaining please share them.....thanks