Sunday, September 2, 2012

105 Lbs WOW OH WOW

I can't believe I have actually lost 105 lbs when i first started I thought 100+ lbs was impossible, overwhelming.I just took it 10 lbs at a time ,logged my meals on everyday and exercised 6days a week at first it was just swimming for a little bit with the kids, then when it got too cold I started walking at first just around the block. When I had lost 65 lbs I joined the gym. Truthfully though I havent been to the gym since before my kids got out of school for the summer. But I have kept up exercising on my stationary bike,exercise dvds, walking etc. The important thing is to just stick with it and not to cut out everything that you love. Make time for things you love to eat just make sure they fit into your calorie count by eating less the rest of the day and eating small portions. I used to eat HUGE BOWLS of ice cream,but now I eat skinny cow ice cream bars or McDonalds ice cream cones, they are only 150 cals and are really satisfying. I also still eat out but I look up the nutritional info before i go online, when I am not starving. When I get to the restaurant I already know what i am going to have. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them

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