Monday, April 11, 2011

just a quick ramble about my weight loss

I have lost 63 lbs now. I never thought when I started that I would have lost this amount. It seemed so overwhelming, so out of reach. I just kept looking at the next 10 lbs. For every 10 lbs I have lost I have bought myself a pair of earrings. Nothing fancy, just some funky earrings that I happen to like. I think maybe for the next 10 lbs I should buy myself some new makeup. After loosing so much weight I think it is time for a mini makeover. I am going to get my hair colored and cut this weekend. I usually do my makeup very soft in neutral colors, I think I would like to do something a little bolder. Not way out there, just a little bolder. I really dont feel like I have lost that much but when I see pics, or when I try on clothes, or I see other people on here that have lost about the same it sinks in. I know I still have a ways to go. When I first started I decided I would try to lose 100 lbs and then decide if I needed to lose more. So that is the plan. But now I know I can do it, it is a plan not just a dream......

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