Friday, November 23, 2012

THINGS THAT SUCK NOW I want to make a list of all the little things that make my life harder right now. Then, as I lose the weight, I can look back, and say, "Hey, that got easier!." I am glad that I made this list before I started my weight loss journey, it is so encouraging to look back and see all the ways my life has gotten easier, it helps to keep me ontrack when I want to eat something I probably shouldnt It helps me to see all the ways that it is worth it to stick with my new active healthy lifestyle. If you are just starting out with your weight loss journey think of how good you will feel when you see all these things become easier in your life..... *Painting my toenails *Shaving my legs *Getting romantic (wink, wink) *Sleeping on my stomach *Tying my shoes *Seatbelts *Sitting in chairs that our designed for outdoor use (Please don't break, please don't break) *Movie theater seats (or any audience seats-arena, auditorium, etc) *Sitting up in the chair after I get my eyebrows waxed *When my hairstylist raises the seat (Oh god, what if it won't raise??!!) *Picking things up off the floor *Sitting down on the floor and getting back up *Crossing my legs *Wearing shoes with higher heals *Wearing boots that fit around my calves *Wearing skirts and dresses *Panties that aren't made for grandma *Sexy bras *Eyeshadow (it creases it my eye fat droopage) *Take a photograph without anxiety *Seeing old familiar faces without embarassment This doesn't even include all of the health benefits, fitness, etc. Just everyday things that are more difficult to do when your carrying around an extra person. Can't wait until I can look back and say I can do that now with ease, comfort, and confidence! Have to add: *Wrap a normal size bath towel around my body *Wear my wedding ring, well not really because I have had to put a ring guard on it so I dont lose it until I go get it resized. Puffy sausage fingers be gone!

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