Saturday, November 24, 2012

WOW OH WOW...maintenance is easier then I thought

Since being in maintenance I have done really well, I have even lost more weight. Now I am at a total loss of 109 lbs or I was before thanksgiving. GRRRrrr. LOL. I have been able to stick with it and most of the time it comes natural now. Of course I do have weeks where I am constantly hungry, don't want to exercise and struggle, but that is life. As long as we eat healthy at least 80% of the time, exercise at least 5xs a week, even if just a 30mins walk and drink lots of water we will be able to stay within maintenance. WE CAN DO THIS. I do really well when I am by myself, but it is when the kids are home wanting to snack constantly. I am invited to dinners or around other people where there is alot of temptation that I struggle. My mom said for her she struggles more when she is by herself and bored. When do you struggle the most with food and eating what you know you should? When you are by yourself and bored or eating out of comfort or when you are invited out to dinner, around the kids and their constant snacking or around family and friends? Just curious as to when others struggle most......

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