Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Themommies Hook

I recently opened a store on Etsy to sell some of my crochet items. Well mostly crochet, I might be adding some bows that people can add to my crochet hats and a few other things as i go along. I am so excited and have been doing nothing but crocheting for weeks. The good news is that crocheting is good for weight loss. Who would have guessed that? I mean sitting on your butt crocheting is good for weight loss? Yes, it is true. Because if I am crocheting I cant be eating. It is hard to eat and crochet and the same time, plus you dont want crumbs all over your crochet. Since i have started crocheting constantly probably about 4 weeks i have lost 3.5 more lbs because i am missing my afternoon snack, due to concentrating and being so into my crafts. Here are a few things i have made. Please go to my site and take a look.....just follow the button that says I sell on etsy.....

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