Saturday, December 27, 2008

our second placement

Our call for our second placement came about a month and a half after we got J. It was on a saturday afternoon and the social worker called and asked if we would take an emergency placement for a newborn girl being release from the hospital. She was a drug baby and they needed a placement just until monday. Of course I said yes. I walked out to the garage where my husband was working and told him we are getting a newborn baby girl in about an hour. He thought I was joking. She was an adorable baby and so good. We loved her and had so much fun with her. On Monday they asked us if we could keep her for a couple more weeks. Then it turned into a few more weeks and then until she comes up for adoption. When she finally did come up for adoption they asked us first if we wanted her since she had been in our home for 6 months. We prayed about it and felt it wasn't right.We felt we were suppose to be available to help others.That was so hard saying we decided not to adopt her. I loved her like my own and felt like I was rejecting my own baby, but I also felt that God had a home for her.I prayed many times God are you sure. She stayed in our home 11 1/2 months before they found the right adoptive family. When we finally got the call that they found a family and they would be coming over to meet us in 2 days and then set up several meetings over a week and then she would leave I didn't know if I could go through with it. I cried for those 2 days. But when we met the couple we knew it was right. They were a christian couple that couldn't have children of their own. They had been married 11 years. The dad looked similiar to my husband and the baby kept looking at him and then my husband and then him and then my husband. She seemed to take to the dad immediately and to the mom shortly after that. The couple that adopted her sent us pictures twice a year for the next 5 yrs and let us know how she was doing. They adopted another baby a few years later. A little boy and they invited me and my older daughters to the baby shower. It was so bittersweet. Handing them the baby for the last time was the hardest thing we have ever done and yet it was so awesome to be part of that families miracle. To be able to give them such an amazing gift.


Lisa said...

Thank you for the link to my blog. I'll be back.

Annie said...

That would have been so difficult. But, you did give them a gift beyond price.